Thursday, May 8, 2014

Funding Cancer and Gene Research

As I learn more about health and nutrition, and the impact it can have on our health, I’m questioning all the money spent on science and research.  I am not against finding cures and doing medical research, but I feel we are overlooking the most obvious and key component - which is “what is causing our bodies to break down?”  Food is medicine; our bodies regenerate most of our cells every 100 days.  How can we not believe that food plays a critical role in how our bodies respond to disease?

I see that a lot of money is being spent on finding the “fat” gene - really?  Come on!!  Mother Nature gave us the fat gene to help us survive.  Long before readily-available grocery stores, we went through periods of feast and famine.  Our bodies are designed to store fat to handle the times when there is a scarcity of food!  There is no need to find the fat gene, but there IS a need to educate our society.

We are too driven as Americans to have it all and not pay the consequences.  It really is not that difficult to eat real food; however our government, Big Food, health care companies, and retailers simply do not care.  They want the money!  And if they find a cure for obesity then they will cash in.  But what is the cost?  Do we keep eating the way we do and make ourselves sicker?  Do we keep spending millions and millions of dollars to figure out how to fix our ills, or would the money be better spent educating others how to eat a high-quality meal without all the side effects?

There is not enough money in the world to fix all the cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illness out there.  There truly is only one way to fix most of our health problems.  It has been proven time and time again, but this type of information is lost in the mass hysteria and our tendency not to take personal responsibility for our own actions.

I used to be the fat guy - the one looking for a quick fix.  But once I realized how simple things really are, I found that I enjoyed life a lot more.  My senses are at their peak, my energy level is high, I do not get sick, I look great, and I do not fear aging!  No amount of medicine can ever achieve that!

Live life to the fullest and take care of the one and only body God gave you!

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