Monday, May 16, 2016

The Impact of Becoming Healthier

How can becoming healthy have an impact on your life, your surroundings, your mental attitude, your propensity and your friends?

As an experiment of one (talking about me here) and interacting with others around me, I have realized that regaining control of your health, getting to a healthy weight, and improving your life can change where you are in your life.  It also changes your outlook, confidence, and desire to do more!

For me, since I began this journey five years ago, I have seen many personal changes.  I feel so much better! I do not get sick, I have tons of energy, and my attitude is much more positive. 

As a part of this journey, I changed where I was working, as the company I was with at that time did not support my values.  In my new position, I have had more success than any previous job.  After three years, I was promoted to lead a team to do what I successfully had developed. I have a positive impact on my coworkers, customers, and partners and as a result, my prosperity has gone up and I am happier. 

I have also noticed that my circle of friends has changed.  I tend to associate more with other like-minded people who are more interested in health, wellness, and running/training.  Our values and attitude attract others that feel the same way as we do. This has been a blessing as it helps support my journey.   

Never did I envision I would be asked to speak about health and fitness; now I talk to people every week about it. I have met and formed social circles with some well-known leaders in the health community.  So many others in this same circle of friends and acquaintances have also inspired me.

My overall outlook on life is better. I firmly believe I can live past 100!  I also believe there is nothing I can't do in life as long as I focus on it. Many of the old barriers (usually of my own making) have vanished.  Since I am only halfway through my life, I know there will be many opportunities to do crazy, unique, and fun things.  I want to fill my cup until it overflows with chances to do more than I ever dreamt.

In the end, I believe that changing your life in a positive way will make you a happier, healthier person.  In life we become what we surround ourselves with - whether it is our friends, how we treat ourselves, how positive we are, what our outlook is up to us to decide what kind of life we want to live.  I thank God every day that I made the choice to change! 

Do you want to change?  Then do it! Quit putting it off!

Change your life right now!!!