Wednesday, December 11, 2013

4:30 AM Alarm

I am asked all the time “how can you get up so early every day?”  The answer is very simple, motivation to be my best!  For the past year, I have set the alarm for 4:30 AM or earlier in some cases so I can go to the gym Monday through Friday.  For me, it is now part of my daily routine.  If you want to get your workout in before the day begins then this is the best way to do it. 
If you just try to fit in a workout during the day things will come up, kids will have places to go or you will feel the grind of the day and decide you are not up to it.  When you start your day with a workout, then it is done and you will feel better about yourself.

Yes, I do go to bed early these days, usually around 10 PM.  On Saturday when I have a long run, I may get up as early as 3:30 to beat the heat of the day.  It really comes down to what is your goal and setting a schedule to attain that goal.  Yes, we are all very busy, but so am I!  When it is important then you make it a priority!
When you set goals, do not think about the effort as much as you should focus on the rewards.  I never set out to do some of the crazy things I have accomplished, many of these things happened because of making small incremental changes.  We must be flexible and take what comes at us.  Sometimes they are good things and sometimes they are setbacks or a course corrections.

Either way – commit to being a better you, stay focused and let the good time roll!


  1. Unfortunately, scientists have found that cutting back on sleep also cuts down on how efficiently your brain works. Considering that your brain determines how you experience life itself, you are paying a very heavy price for your lifestyle -- you are turning yourself into a zombie. Oh, you don't notice it, because your brain is impaired.

  2. Well technically early risers are not cutting back on sleep, they just go to bed early to rise early. 10 to 4.30am gives u a pretty ideal 6.5 hrs sleep. The same set of scientists say people who have ample workout and fitness regimen like Mr.Tucker take less time to regain their homeostasis than people without a physical activity. So only when we don't workout we need close to 8hrs of sleep and yes we already are aware of many ways to tackle zombies if at all people become one. So no worries.

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