Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mile Marker 26.2 - II

As a follow up to my Mile Marker 26.2 post a year ago, I wanted to update you on my journey since then.

Last December I ran my first Marathon after a 14 year break.  Since then I have continued training and raised the stakes even higher!  I have logged over 1350 miles since January 1st, 2013.  I have PR’ed ever race I have run this year (5K, 10K, 15K, ½ Marathon and Full Marathon).  In July I ran the San Antonio “I Ran Marathon” and took 30 minutes of my marathon time from December 2012.

As a part of my journey I decided this year I wanted to run an Ultra Marathon (any distance beyond a “regular” Marathon…J), so I signed up for the Cowtown 50K in February 2014.  To prepare for that race, I picked 2 marathons to run, first was the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon and then the Dallas Marathon (formerly called White Rock).  Since I was running 2 marathons, I decided to add a 3rd marathon so that I could qualify for the Marathon Maniac Club (I must confirm the insanity by joining a club).  One of the qualifications for this “maniac status” is to run 3 marathons in 90 days, I figured I could do that since I would need to keep my long distance running going between the Dallas and Cowtown races.

Why run like Forrest Gump?  I have no idea really, I just love to run, I love to train, and I love breaking through barriers that most 45 year old people would never attempt.  What has been interesting to experience is when I was running in my 20’s I was a slower, seem to always have knee pain and did not really push my limits very far.  Since changing my diet to plant based and training smarter, I feel better than ever.  I am leaner, faster and fitter than I have ever been!  Is this a bragging statement?  Not really….it is a guy who wants to convince others there are very few limits that cannot be overcome with the proper training and nutrition.  I hate to hear people say “I can’t.”  Well I just do not accept that!

This year I continued to make changes in my training and diet.  I am almost 100% plant powered (no animal products in the diet), I have cut out most of the processed foods and most of the sugar. 

Since I love a good challenge, I started the 100 Days of Exercise challenge in August with some of my FB friends.  As of this writing I am on day 130 of the challenge.  Another challenge I created was 30 days of No Sugar.  This meant I could not eat anything that contained sugar (fruit is not a sugar for this challenge)– this is more difficult than it may seem.  Almost 80% of all foods sold today contain sugar, whether it is salad dressing, bread, condiments, etc.  The reason I did the challenge was I need a break from the sugar addiction.  I would still eat chocolate, ice cream and use agave in my coffee!  I successfully completed that challenge and I am on day 45!

The results of the challenges are evident, my body has gotten leaner and I feel even better than I did before.  Waking up every day knowing I do not need sugar, and wanting to include 20 minutes of some physical activity is great.

After achieving the success I have had, I felt compelled to reach out and help  others on their journey.  I have met and friended some really cool people.  I have been very active in the local running groups sharing my knowledge and experiences. 

If you want to change your life and be healthy then I encourage you to do so.  Life is much more fun off the couch and out on the road!  When I began this journey 2 1/2 years ago I had no idea where it could take me, and now I see no limits to the possibilities.  Whether you’re a walker, occasional gym rat or just enjoy being outdoors on the trails, be the best that you can be and never stop!

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