Thursday, June 20, 2013

America’s Drug Problem

Americans today have a huge drug problem, and it is not what you think.  I am not referring to the trash on the streets selling crack or marijuana, I am referring to the long line of people standing at the drug stores getting their fix of statins, viagra, and insulin!

Even though I have only recently returned to a healthily lifestyle, I have always known there is a strong connection between diet and most illnesses.  Now I know many of you will say not ALL illness is tied to diet and in some cases I agree, so this post is referring to the 90-95% of the cases that are!

I see a lot of people around me taking medications, complaining about being sick and then going to McDonalds’ to get a burger, or to sonic to get their soda fix.  Our society has lost its connection to food and we now “live to eat” vs. “eat to live.”  You can tell a person that is a diabetic that there is a better way and they will refuse to listen to you because of what their Doc says.  The chalk it up to “it is in my genes!”  I saw screw that!  You eat like your parents and you are sick like them!  How about you change what you eat and start a new trend in your family!  Quit being a whinny little kid and go out and change, don’t you owe it to yourself to at least try something new!  Do you not believe the stories and articles about those who have improved their health and reduced or eliminated their need for medications? 

All the drugs in the world will not cure heart disease, diabetes or many other chronic illnesses.  It can only be fixed by changing your lifestyle.  Now that Obamacare is the new law it will be interesting to see what happens.  At the current rate of disease in America there is no way the system can keep up!  We are already seeing overworked healthcare professionals trying to get everyone in the Dr.’s office, yet hardly anyone is addressing the true nature of the problem.  They prescribe the medicine, wish you luck and move on.

I am here to challenge you, if you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, then take that as a sign you better change.  The drugs will only mask the symptoms but will NOT cure you.  You will still be sick, other health problems are also on the way and things will only get worse for you.  I have no sympathy for the person who does not take personally responsibility for their condition if they refuse to do anything but take the drugs.

I would be happy to help anyone who needs it and I won’t charge  dime.  It is time to start fighting back America.  Quit making excuses, quit blaming your genes and go out and live life!  It is truly up to you.  What is the downside?  There is none!

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