Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Get Moving

I thought I would start where I started......get moving.

Many people are drawn into quick exercise schemes, fancy gadgets, having to go to the gym, whatever.  Let me break it down into a simple formula - just move!  And move a lot!  If you are not sweating then you are not getting better or stronger.

I don't mean go out and run 2 miles the first time out - that is crazy!  I just want to encourage you to put enough effort into a routine that you sweat for 20-30 minutes.  Whether it is a bike, walking fast, lite jogging, a machine at the gym.  It does not necessarily matter what you do - just do it!

For me it started by running a bit down the road, maybe a minute and then walking.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat......just focus on doing what is comfortable until you can go a little further each day.  I especially encourage multiple types of exercises.  I like riding my bike, so I ride it once a week.  I also used the machine at my hotel when I traveled and recently I joined a gym.

If you are in pain while working out then stop, you are over doing it.  You must pace yourself, be patient and take your time.  Feel the burn, feel the soreness, feel the stress but I should not be painful and you should not be huffing and puffing and exhausted!

I have seen way to often a sedentary person go out, try to over do it, get injured and then quit.  Then the excuses come rolling in, I can't run - I got hurt.  I can't do.....insert other activity.  Don't be a quitter, be one who keeps trying things until you find the sport that is right for you!

Even if you can only walk, then walk as far as you can, set a goal to go further every day.  Try a lite jog, even for just 30 seconds.  Just slightly increase your effort to get better over time.

The body is an amazing and efficient machine.  Once it realizes that hey this person means business, then it will get with the program as well and become stronger.

Running for me has been my primary exercise because all it requires is a decent pair of shoes (nothing fancy or expensive) and for me my favorite music blaring in my ears.  You can also trying listening to books.  I have an audible account and love it.

It took about 4 months before I could even run a complete mile end to end, however in that 4 months I went from walking a mile to walking/running up to 4 miles.  Go further and faster as you body gets stronger.

Lifting weights is OK, but for weight lose and endurance nothing beats getting your heart rate up and you body moving.

So what are you waiting on, lace up those shoes and hit the roads...............

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