Saturday, August 25, 2012

Becoming an Athlete

Becoming an athlete....

As a part of my journey to better living I went back to what I knew and that was running.  I never played football, was barely ok at baseball, and did have some success in soccer.  Running was the only activity that I really was able to stick to.  It is easy, requires minimal equipment and it can be done almost anywhere.  Running for me has been a great way to stay healthy, lose weight, feel better and have more energy.

What many people do not realize is when you run (or insert sport of choice here) you fundamentally change your view of the world.  You become more positive, happier, you sleep better and you make better lifestyle choices.  You know that when you eat bad, have to much to drink, or stay up to late then your run suffers and it becomes more like work.  When you cross the threshold of thought that says “I have to run today” and it becomes “I want to run” then you have arrive, you are an athlete.  To often we think the term athlete means a football star, an Olympic runner, or a professional “insert sport here.”  This cannot be further from the truth!  If you enjoy your sport then that sport helps to define you.  When you wake up and think about when I can run again, or when is my next workout or how do I fit this into my day, then you are an athlete.

So many times people with good intentions start a program and they start it for the wrong reason.  They say I must run to lose weight, I must work out to be fit, I have to do this or that.  Quickly the luster of losing weight or hanging out with friend wears off and we go back to our same old routine because it is the easier option.  Becoming an athlete changes your attitude.  It does not matter if it takes you 15 minutes to complete a mile, it is your attitude and desire to continue to run that will make a lasting impact.

Find something, anything, that you really enjoy doing and it will become your passion.  Yes we should cross train and do other activities, but that is how we can enjoy the primary sport more!

Don’t live life on the sidelines, step up and tack action and stick with it.  It takes 6 weeks for it to become a habit so be patient, have fun, and don’t over do it.

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