Friday, March 7, 2014

Top Do’s and Don’ts before a Big Race:

Do not wear new shoes!  You can buy them before the race but do not run in them during the race!

Do not try something new such as new fuel, new socks, new waist belt, etc.

Do not overeat before a race – you always hear about pasta loading but overdoing this will do nothing but send you to the port o potties on race day!

Do lay out all your gear the night before in one place – this includes shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, race bib, watch, headphones and waist belt.

Do apply glide or Vaseline very liberally on areas that tend to chaff and on your feet

Do bring an extra shirt or jacket that you can toss aside after the race begins – this will prevent you from becoming too cold before the gun!

Do not be late – this will create a lot of extra stress on race day, plan your route to the race ahead of time

Do not worry if you do not get a full night’s sleep the night before, it is ok to be nervous.  However be sure to get as much rest as possible the day leading up to the race.

Do not try and cram in extra miles days before the race, this will do nothing but make you tired and will not allow you to run on fresh legs

Do not over hydrate!  This may seem contradictory but runners tend to drink too much water before the race and then have to make multiple stops early in the race

Do start slow, even below your race pace.  Allow your body to get in a groove in the first few miles.  If you let the adrenalin take over you may find yourself too tired at the end of the race

Do smile at the cameras – show the world you are having fun and this is YOUR big day!

Do trim those toe nails days before a race, this will prevent bruising or toenail loss

Do thank the volunteers and police officers along the course, this will also help you relax

Do charge all your devices the night before – GPS, headsets, watches, phone, iPod etc.

Do bring extra clothes and shoes to change in to after the race, especially if you are staying to cheer on others

Do bring cash for parking

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