Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My second podcast appearance with Vinnie Tortorich, America’s Angriest Trainer

Last week I was a guest on the America’s Angriest Trainer podcast hosted by Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vochino.  Podcast episode 185 was dedicated as the vegan special.  Vinnie wanted to have a few guests on to talk about their NSNG (No Sugar No Grains) journey without eating any animal products.

Vinnie Tortorich calls himself the “go to guy” in Hollywood for health and fitness and he has been hosting a podcast for over a year now.  I found Vinnie after listening to another one of my favorite podcasts hosted by Rich Roll.  At first, I was a little leery of Vinnie because he is not plant powered, but I soon realized that his approach to health and fitness applied to me as well.  I prefer the plant powered label over vegan because plant powered is a lifestyle that resonates with me and more aligns to my goals…eat mostly plant!
I listen to a lot of podcast these days, I rarely ever turn on the radio or listen to music.  I have found that I can gain valuable information while driving in the car vs. having some bubble gum for the ears.

Vinnie is a Hollywood Fitness Trainer and he recently released his new book, Fitness Confidential, co-authored with Dean Lorey.  It is also available as an audio book.  It is a great read and the story flows nicely as he talks about his own life growing up in Louisiana, his experience helping others as a fitness trainer and discusses his own fight with cancer.  The best part about Vinnie is he cares about helping others.  He is very accessible and I feel lucky to call him a friend now.  He has personally helped me in my fitness and running journey through phone calls and emails.  This is why I believe his popularity has exploded; he is just a regular person with a very big heart.  He engages with his fans and he answers calls, emails and engages with the facebook groups.
How many popular podcast hosts have regular people on their show to share their stories, answer their questions or try to help improve some aspect of their fitness journey?  This was my second appearance on the show.  My first one came back in podcast episode 123 when Vinnie and I discussed my plan to help make changes in my local school district.  There will be more to report on this next month. 

Vinnie’s primary message is eat what you want but avoid sugar and grains; hence his message is #NSNG, No Sugar, No Grains.
Because of listening to Vinnie and joining the Facebook group NSNG, I began to realize that we needed to have a Plant Powered approach to his message.  It became obvious that there was a demand for #PPNSNG, Plant Powered No Sugar No Grains.  Several of us got together (Ciry and Elisa) and launched the PPNSNG group a few months ago.  It has been a huge success with over 350 members now.

My own experience with NSNG has been great, I have lost an additional 10 lbs., I am leaner than I have ever been in my whole life and my running has improved dramatically.  I plan to run three Marathons this season and complete in my first 50K Ultra.  This may sound crazy coming from a person who lived on the couch 2 years ago and had not worked out in over 10 years!  With proper nutrition, you can accomplish anything!
Here is the moral of the story, if you want an easy approach to weight loss, improved health and a way to become more active, then NSNG is right for you.  It is a simple approach, easy to follow and it is a guideline, not a strict diet that is hard to follow.  You will never have to count another calorie, log a meal or use point system to try to lose weight!

We need more people to share this message and that is why I am happy to be a part of getting the message out.
“Put life in to living and do it with enthusiasm!”  Vinnie Tortorich

12/20/2013 Update
As a follow up, I was also a guest on podcast episode 208 where we talk about my 30 day No Sugar challenge and school nutrition updates.

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