Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Six Pack Abs, the Simple Truth!

So what do you think you need to do to get 6-pack abs?  Hundreds of ab crunches a day? Seven days a week at the gym? A special ab machine marketed on TV?  How about those “magic” fat burning pills?

Well if you think any of the above will work then I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale at a really good price! 
The bottom line is 6-pack abs start to show after you lose the excess fat or weight around your mid-section.  This is typically the last place your body will lose weight.  Not good news I know but the truth is what it is!  The other fact is that 6-pack abs are closely tied to nutrition which leads back to losing the excess weight!  These are general statements and there are those who defy they but they are not the norm.

Do you know who has the best abs in the world?  A sumo wrestler!  That is right, how do you think they are able to manipulate all that weight or their opponent?  The problem is it usually hidden underneath layers and layers of excess weight!
A clean diet and consistent gym work will build those abs you desire, it is that simple but I know it is hard to do.  After 18 months, I am still trying to get there myself, but I can also admit I still have a few pounds to lose around the gut.  My mid-section is tight underneath but the abs are not defined and showing because the layer of fat is still there.

My goal is to get there by summer, but that means I must limit the sweets even more!  For you it may be those extra bottles of beer or glasses of wine.  For others it may be the sodas, sweet tea, or the extra piece of cake every few days.  If you look at what you eating and be honest then you will know what is holding you back.
Do not believe in the targeted workout for your abs, you are only wasting time by not working on your overall fitness.  Almost any free weight exercise will strengthen the core muscles and your abs.  Ab crunches help, but it is not the answer.

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