Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chronic disease, why are you still sick AND still taking the medicine!

Chronic illness is on the rise in the US and so are the medications we are given, however the medical cures are nowhere in sight!  High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, heart disease, and headaches are all preventable and even curable without medication!  These chronic illnesses are caused by eating unhealthy processed food and they can almost all be treated by changing your eating habits!  When we go to the Doctor and get medication for these illnesses, we are only treating the symptom and now adding to our problems because these medications can make us even sicker in other ways, i.e. the side effects.  Don’t you like to hear about all the potential sides effect of these medications touted on TV!  It makes you wonder if you even want to take those medicines.

I am simply shocked that anyone would want to take a drug to reduce cholesterol in the blood and then continue to eat the same way, do we not realize that the medication does not ever, ever, ever cure us!!!!!!  Now go back and re-read the last sentence, let that point sink in, the medicine is not a cure, but just a ban-aid!  Mediation for all the issues listed above and many others will only mask the symptoms to make us feel better but they will not cure the problem.
If you had a fancy high-end sports car and then started using bad gasoline what would happen?  The car would spit and sputter, maybe it would stall, and only go half as fast.  You get the point right?  We would not blame the car?  Would we call the car manufacture and ask for a refund?  No we would not; we would look at the gasoline and change it to a higher quality fuel.

The same is true of our bodies.  God gave us the perfect living machine and it is very capable of providing a long and healthy life IF we give it the right fuel.  Our healthcare industry gets very little training on nutrition, diet and disease prevention.  Modern medicine is about post illness care and we have become great at that, however we have failed miserably at teaching people how to care for themselves and prevent many of the illness that plague us today.
We need to take personal responsibility for our health.  We should not run to the Doctor to cure our preventable chronic diseases, we should stock our refrigerators and cupboards with healthy all natural foods that will sustain us for life!

I am not saying it is easy, but what is the alternative, a sick and miserable life?
Now for the disclaimer, I am not a trained medical professional and I am not suggesting you not get help if you are sick, but I am saying you should look at making changes to your lifestyle so that you can get off your medications with the support of your doctor.  If you want more evidence and background then I recommend you see the movie “Forks over Knives.”  It is a great documentary that can literally change your life and show you how you can become healthy again.

If you prefer you can stay on the medication, complain abut your illness and wonder why you are sick but I challenge you to stand up and fight for your health!

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