Saturday, December 22, 2012

Disease is not normal!

Disease is not normal!

Unless you live under a rock, you see illness and disease everywhere.  I think it is so prevalent today that our society accepts it as normal; well I will rock the boat and claim it is far from normal.  As a society, we should be very concerned about the rampant rise of chronic illness and disease.

Now I am not a doctor and have no formal medical training, I will just take the approach of common sense and the results I have seen in my own life.  I believe that almost all disease (especially chronic) can be traced back to our diet and lifestyle.  We have become a society of the pill, the cure or a fix in a bottle.  Well the cure in a bottle is a deception, it is not a cure, and it is just a clever assembly of chemicals to mask, hide or trick the body.  Why do you thinking there do are so many side effects, when we change one thing with chemicals we then have other side effects.

Here are some basics – high cholesterol has the largest impact to our heart and arteries.  Bad cholesterol comes from animal products – period!  The less animal products you eat the better your cholesterol will be.  This is meat of any kind (including eggs) and dairy products like milk and cheese.  Many people do not know this – we mask these products as being good for us but it is a lie.  Anything you think you need to get from animal products can be found by eating the right mix of fruits, vegetables and seeds. 

Protein - the big challenge!  You can get all the protein you need from nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and so many other things.  Over eating protein is actually a bad thing, it takes the body a tremendous amount of energy and resources to expel all the excess protein many people eat.

Our food is like fuel for our cars.  If your car breaks down from bad gas or putting water it the tank, do we blame the engine (our bodies) or do we look at what we are putting in our cars like the fuel, i.e. our food!
Our bodies are very resilient and can make miraculous improvements if given the right food.  Why not look at only eating the foods God gave us in nature, like fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds? 

When we accept cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, headaches, or whatever as a part of life or normal then we will not seek the truth.  The truth can be found by looking at non-western cultures, their diets and much lower disease rates.  They live much healthier lives than we do!

We are bombarded with messages of how meat and dairy are required to sustain us and are good for us.  This is a lie – we do not have to consume these products to be healthy.  Look at the source of those messages and their advertising, it comes from the industries that produce these products and give millions of dollars to Washington to help their cause.

If we can make the correlation of smoking to lung cancer then why do we refuse to see that other illness like cancers, heart disease, arthritis etc. comes from our diets!

If you want to see the facts, review the data and become a much healthier you then I encourage you to check it out for yourself.  I have and I am living proof that you can change who you are and how you feel!

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